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Is it Permitted to Travel With CBD?


Authorities are always keeping a watchful eye on the marijuana market. Traveling with cannabidiol (CBD) products may b a challenge for individuals currently residing in particular countries.

CBD can be used to treat health conditions like chronic headaches and muscle spasms. If you’re trying to travel with CBD, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Commuting or Driving with CBD

If you’re going to travel by public commute or you’re going to take your car to work, most states have laws that permit the possession of CBD during travel on land. Since CBD won’t make you high, you can use it and still focus.

The challenge arises when you’re trying to cross the border. Remember, different states have different laws. It might be completely legal to carry cannabis products in your home state, but the reverse is possible when you move to another state by land.

You should always make sure to read up on your state laws before attempting to carry CBD while you drive or take public commute. For example, Wyoming only allows the possession of CBD products if they have less than 0.3 percent of THC. However, certain states will only permit carrying CBD products if you possess a registration card.

Also, possession of any cannabis-infused products (which includes CBD items) is still illegal in the US by federal law. Hence, even if you’re traveling to a state like Oregon (all cannabis-infused products are legal), you can still get into trouble with the strong arm of the law.

Flying with CBD

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) states that the ownership and carrying of all marijuana and cannabis-infused items (including CBD) is illegal under federal law. The TSA doesn’t use its powers to actively search for cannabis and other drugs. However, the professionals working under the government organization can still inform local law enforcement personnel if they find cannabis products with an individual during screening.

At this point, the rules and regulations depend on the airport. If you’re not breaking any state laws, then authorities might let you go, but you might still be held for questioning. The police might question you for the possession of the CBD product. It’s best to have a strong written recommendation from your doctor if you need the CBD-infused item for treatment.

Things are stricter when you’re trying to fly internationally as opposed to travelling within the nation. Most international countries like Japan and the UAE have a zero tolerance policies for cannabis possession. Even carrying the smallest amount of CBD can land you in jail when you arrive in the country of your destination.

What to do When Traveling with CBD?

If you need to use CBD while traveling, then consume the product before you travel. After all, the effect can last for hours. Assuming that your travel doesn’t have any delays, you’ll be good for the duration of the trip.

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However, if you’re going to stay in another state for more than a day, you might want to have your CBD product delivered to your destination first before your travel. Once again, it’s best to read up on state laws to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Specific states don’t allow cannabis products crossing their borders even by mail.