Numerous states and countries are now legalizing the use of both medical and recreational marijuana. With laws become more lenient, it is becoming easier for individuals to possess, grow, and distribute cannabis-infused products.

The future of marijuana seems bright. Studies show that the legal cannabis market may reach at least $57 billion by the year 2027. Cannabis continues to grow (no pun intended) in markets with CBD as the star. Look at a few predictions for the cannabis sector in 2019 and the coming years.

The Potential of More Jobs

Reports indicate the growth of legal cannabis sales to rise above 25% throughout the years leading to 2022. It may even result in over USD $22 billion in sales.

This increase in sales may potentially need to more labor requirements. Potential job positions like commercial cannabis growers might expand by the year 2022. Estimates suggest that the cannabis industry will employ about 125,000 workers in 2019 and it may rise to about 340,000 in four years.

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An Increase in Cannabis Education

The legal status of cannabis products like CBD makes research an obstacle. Difficulties raised by legal concerns present skewed information and misplaced understandings of the effects of CBD and other marijuana-infused products.

With the strength of the restrictions placed upon cannabis products on the decline, more states are now adapting leniency to certain regulations for medical and recreational possession. Hence, universities and other educational institutions may now find it easier to acquire samples of CBD and other marijuana strains for research purposes.

Specific institutions are now taking this opportunity to teach students relevant information about the origins, effects, physical structure, and more of CBD and other components of cannabis. The University of Vermont now has courses regarding the biology and use of cannabis. The University of California offers a course on the Physiology of Cannabis. Also, the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy and its Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions are now offering training individuals to become pharmacists and technicians who will one day find jobs in medical marijuana dispensaries.

A Wider Spread for the Use of CBD

Several brands have been eyeing the use of cannabis as an ingredient in their products. Breweries, vegetable growers, and even cafés are looking to incorporate CBD into their products. Companies are now researching how to include medical marijuana and CBD-infused products to develop new medicinal items for public consumption.

One industry embracing CBD is the wellness and beauty sector. The use of CBD oil offers a broad range of potential advantages in improving health and beauty. It also improves general well-being. CBD lotions are ideal for reducing joint paints and supporting muscle recovery.

The wellness and beauty industry isn’t the only sector gaining interest in the use of CBD for their products. Cannabis edibles are on the rise in the food industry. Interested consumers can now buy CBD-infused edibles and beverages in numerous shops across California.

Albeit no one can truly predict what the future holds, there are certain market trends and studies that may help us see the outlook of cannabis in the next few years. The future is bright for cannabis and its related product.