You will find cannabidiol (CBD) products in almost every health and wellness shop today. CBD has been proven to provide relief for many ailments like stress, sleeplessness, chronic pain, anxiety and more. CBD is derived from hemp. Marketing analysts forecast CBD sales to reach up to $22 billion USD by 2022.

CBD-Infused Edibles

The use of CBD edibles is one of the top nutrition trends of 2019. Sales are skyrocketing across the globe as people gain interest in the benefits of CBD.

There is a huge interest in CBD edibles among millennials in dealing with social and general anxiety, chronic or acute pain, and sleeping problem. Folks are more interested in natural and safe alternatives that do not pose a threat of addiction.

Choosing CBD Edibles

Unlike vaping which may have a negative image, CBD edibles look like normal, everyday snacks. CBD can be added to most food available in the supermarket like gummies, honey, coffee, chocolate, baked goods and more. CBD is been measured in great detail to monitor how much dosage a person ingest in each serving.

When you take CBD edibles, the effect can be quite powerful and long-lasting. Since edibles are metabolized by the liver, the result will be a slower onset of effects.

Coconut Bites

One of the common CBD edibles is a treat from Weller called the “Weller Coconut Bites.” It has delicate bites of tropical sweetness and a hint of saltiness. This treat is dairy and gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. It comes with three different flavors; caramel, dark chocolate and original. Because the snack is lab tested and verified, it is safe to be ingested in the body. It contains only 5 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD.

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Other CBD Edibles

It can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners who are searching for CBD edibles online. Fortunately, these products are abundant and, depending on your cravings, you will find something that suits you.

For example, there are CBD-infused chocolate bars. The difference between a normal chocolate bar and a CBD-infused chocolate bar is how well it helps lessen stress and anxiety. CBD also helps to soothe pain

The CBD edibles available in your local stores may be different depending on the state and country you reside in. Some products may not be approved by the FDA and some require a special prescription. Apart from knowing the different types of CBD edibles and their benefits, it is important to understand the law concerning the possession and use of CBD.